Just be yourself

There is an unusual tension in what society tells us: we switch from being too young to suddenly being too old. There is a mythical age when things are meant to work out, to get that big break, or where that picture in our minds will spontaneously spring to life. The thing is, there is no magic line. Too young or too old is irrelevant. All that we ever have is the time right in front of us, and what we are doing with it right now.

Opportunity knocks randomly. If we are worried we are missing something, we probably already have – not because we did miss it, but because we choose to fear it and miss out.

Most people are scared of doing anything different, and this traps them into the world they know and see. The beauty of age is that it belongs to us, and only us. Don’t hand over the meaning and relevance of who we are to anyone else. Only you are you.

Embrace your age. Face it. Young or old or somewhere in the middle: enjoy who you are and where you are. See what you can do with it. Every part of the journey so far has made you exactly who you are.

Who you are is okay, so just be yourself.


Cover photo: Ashley Rowe on Unsplash

Michael Harris