I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what it is I want to create in the world, and in particular the legacy, impact and influence I am building. It is often too easy to take a low-gear option in life, and be content with “just enough” — not because we necessarily like or even want that, but because complacency, fear or boredom kicks in, and stops us from reaching higher.

That notion has never sat well with me. We’ve collectively been given too much to not amplify those gifts to reach, inspire and support as many of the friends, family, and even perfect strangers that surround us, any way we can.

We make a choice in every interaction with other people, and in everything we create and put into the world: do we lift people up and inspire them to be stronger, happier, and more aware? Or do we simply add to the weight they carry?

The quote above is from a tweet by Donald Miller, an American author and entrepreneur: “Write because you love the reader. Never write to prove your point. Write to remind the reader they have infinite value.” My challenge for myself: what have I made or done today that will impact other people? How can you amplify that impact tomorrow?

I hope it’s a great weekend for you, wherever you are — full of adventures far and wide.

 – Michael