Bigger Picture

I know that for me, it’s far too easy to see only that which is immediately in front of me; to get angry, or disheartened, or tired, or even bored.

Often the best thing to recalibrate how I feel is to take a step back, and see the current situation in the bigger perspective around it. Somehow — magically — small things suddenly seem much smaller, our sense of purpose and value comes back into sharper focus, and our ability to be gracious and understanding under fire reignites.

For each of us, the way we achieve a change in perspective is different, and only we know what works best for us —individually. For me, going for a walk or run has enormous benefit. Or just chilling out and listening to music on my way to work. It’s funny though how these simple yet essential things are often the first to be forgotten amongst busyness and rushing to get things done.

Recharge yourself first. Take a step back and remind yourself of the bigger picture once again — and re-adjust your sails to be heading in the direction you actually want to go.

– Michael